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Covid Statement

  • Brenda and I would like to wish everyone the best of health and safety during this very stressful timein Canada’s and the world’s history. We trust that everyone is doing their part, as are we, to battle this deadly virus. We are both well, and strictly practicing the mandates as prescribed by our national government.

    For us, that means Stay Home… and yes we have done that. It means Physical Distancing for the infrequent trip to the grocery store… and we are going beyond physical distancing. Anything we can do to protect ourselves and those around us… we are doing. 

    At the same time as Ontario mandated a shut down for non-essential services, our first main shipment from Taylor arrived. We have many club and individual orders for bowls ready to go. However, we are abiding, strictly, by the laws of our government, as we understand them, and will not be shipping, nor offering curbside pickup, as we hoped to do, until further notice from the governments of Canada and Ontario. 

    We believe to do so would be unconscionable as we would be jeopardizing the health of fellow Canadians. Shipping now should be for essential goods only. We could not, in good faith, justify filling trucks with bowls and bags, when that space and effort should be for the exclusive use of those shipping and receiving essential goods. Try as we might, we could not find a reason to declare lawn bowls an essential item. 

    According to most documents, the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Everything we ship comes in a cardboard box. To ship now, we would be endangering the lives of the shippers and those receiving the packages. 

    According to most documents, the virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. Bowls are definitely hard… and shiny. We can’t imagine someone opening their set of bowls, picking one out, and declaring “Oh look my new bowls, don’t they feel so smooth!”

    The more we can do to flatten this curve, or plank it in this first wave, the better off everyone in Canada will be… ourselves, our families, and fellow bowlers and Canadians. 

    MVP Sports and our Agents are doing everything we can to ensure that everyone will be back bowling sooner rather than later.

    As soon as we hear that it is both advisable and legal to do so, we will begin shipping items again. Until then, please, stay safe, stay well - let’s all try and do our part! April 10, 2020

    Dan & Brenda Milligan

    MVP Sports, Proud Supporter of Bowls in Canada for over three decades!

Welcome To MVP Sports

MVP Sports is committed to helping you become the best you can be whether it be in bowls, curling or golf.
We specialize in Taylor Bowls equipment, Verdemat portable carpets, T-Zone whole body vibration and several innovations that help you play longer, play better and just plumb enjoy the game a whole lot more.

  • Taylor LogoWhy are Taylor Bowls Your Best Choice?

    Taylor Bowls (Scotland) has been manufacturing bowls longer than any other bowls manufacturer in the world.

    • They are the most innovative bowls company in the world. Period!
    • Taylor was first with colour!
    • Taylor makes the Choice of Champions... the ACE!

    At MVP Sports we stock:

    • the largest supply and range of bowls and accessories in North America
    • a full range of sizes and colours
  • StopwatchBuster imageLearn How to Pace Your Greens

    The following describes the old, very inaccurate method of determining green speed.

    • Find a bowler who can deliver a bowl precisely 28 metres with each delivery.
    • Ask them to assist you with measuring out the 28 metre mark in both directions in the rink.
    • Start your stopwatch on the release of the bowl and stop it when your bowl comes to rest 28 metres away.
    • Repeat until you have two recordable times at exactly the 28 metre mark. Repeat this process in the opposite direction.
    • Take the average of the four recordable 28 metre times. This is the pace of your green.

    Sounds easy, right? No, I don't think so either! Read on to find out about the better way!

  • StopwatchBuster imageThe SRPM

    The Simpson Reference Pace Metre has been developed here in Canada and is currently the only true method of determining the pace of your greens.

    The SRPM is more than just a Green Speed Metre. It will help you improve your greens, and by doing so will help you drive membership numbers higher than ever before!

    MVP Sports is proud to have been part of the development process, working with Ken Simpson (Elora, Ontario) on this invaluable device and is excited to be the sole distributor of the SRPM.

    Get more SRPM tips here!

    Keep up to date with current and professional Greenskeeping practices with our Greens Expert in Discussions. A quick click on the Category -> Greens will take you one step closer to better greens!

  • SRPM Colour ChartCanadian Standards

    The current standards for Canadian greens would be as follows and can be used for choosing the Taylor bowl best suited for your play. The SRPM Zone is shown with the old, timed equivalent in paranthesis.

    • very slow = SRPM Red Zone (less than 10 seconds) You will lose club members and possibly even your greens!
    • slow = SRPM Orange Zone (less than 11 seconds) Bowling could be a lot more fun with just a little more work!
    • medium = SRPM Yellow Zone (11 to 12 seconds) Membership numbers increase and all shots are now playable!
    • fast = SRPM Light Green / Dark Green Zone (12 to 15 seconds) Now we're talking! Your club is thriving and tournaments are full!
    • very fast = SRPM Dark Green+ Zone (over 15 seconds) Apparently you have moved to Australia... bowls heaven!
  • StopwatchBuster imageSo Which Bowl is Best for You?

    Based on close to 50 years of bowling experience, 40 years of bowls coaching and now 30 years in the bowls retail business we would suggest the following...

    • Lignoid = Slow (SRPM Red/Orange/Yellow Zone - like many of our Canadian Greens)
    • Legacy = Slow, Medium (SRPM Red/Orange/Yellow Zone) 
    • International = Medium-Fast (SRPM Yellow/Light Green Zone)
    • ACE = Medium-Fast, Fast (SRPM Light Green/Dark Green Zone)
    • Blaze, Vector or Lazer = Fast (SRPM Dark Green Zone)
    • Redline = Very Fast (Not suitable for 99% of our Canadian greens)
  • StopwatchBuster imageThe Bottom Line?

    Since we started this business we have maintained that you should get the bowl that is most comfortable in your hand. We still believe that to be true!

    We also believe that you can make a wide drawing bowl play narrower... but you can't make a narrow bowl go wider... and still come back! You should be choosing a bowl that allows you to play all the shots in the game for the greens you play most often.

    Don't be fooled by those who expound the "get the biggest, heaviest bowl" myth! It just isn't true. Be wary of those who claim you check for bowls size by stretching your fingers around the bowl... or by gripping the bowl upside down to see if it will fall out... or by putting your fingers into some contraption that "shows" you what size you "need!" Myths... every one! 

    Don't settle for less! Contact us today and let us help you make your best choice... the first time!

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