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February 19, 2022

Get Fixed! Delivery Sequence Videos

It's finally here! The long awaited video series from The Delivery Doctor.

I mean, really, it's been what 7 years since his smash hit The Grip, now sitting at over 300,000 viewings on YouTube, was released.

Now, during the last week of February, 2022 The Doc is finally been in a position to upload his videos for the entire Delivery Sequence - Draw Series. Beginning February 20th The Doc will premier a new video every day at 8 am.

This series debunks a lot of the myths about the delivery itself as you will soon see. I'll be there each day during the video premier and will stick around after for any comments or questions on the video of the day.

Day one will be a simple overview of the series, followed each day with a video devoted to a very specific element in the Draw Delivery. Here's the entire schedule:

  • Video #00 - Introduction to the Series (Feb. 20th)
  • Video #01 - The Grip (The Original in the series from 2014 now has over 300K views)
  • Video #02 - The Pre-Stance (Feb. 21st)
  • Video #03 - The Stance is not a Statue (Feb. 22nd)
  • Video #04 - The No Backswing Backswing (Feb. 23rd)
  • Video #05 - Forward Ho - Get That Bowl in Motion (Feb. 24th)
  • Video #06 - The Follow Through is Not an Option (Feb. 25th)

Each of these videos should be watched in order as they all build upon the previous element. You might notice that The Doc is using a fairly confined space (ie. not a full length green) to shoot these videos. The reason? You're learn a process here, not an outcome. Many coaches have come to realize that a solid repeatable process in any sport will lead to a successful outcome. Bottom line - you don't need space to teach process.

I have actually had several goes at producing these videos, with one set a few years back not being sound-worthy for posting. Over a year ago I had finally been able to shoot the raw footage for these videos that I wanted, edited them and had them ready to upload to The Delivery Doctor's channel on YouTube. I had intended to release them at the same time as a major website update.

Then Murphy took over!

Yup, he always seems to get in the way of the best laid plans. Between two HD's that required formatting, a dismantled tech team late summer on the Shop feature I had purchased for the site, and susequent delays waiting for them to finish the app, which they didn't - causing a switch to an entorely different shop app , it meant that here we are months later and still without a fully functional website (almost). Regardless, of the struggles, I felt it was time to release these videos this week so that I could get on about the business of both starting a few other exciting projects and shooting footage for further Delivery Doctor videos.

I hope everyone enjoys the videos, and most of all gets something out of them such that they can enhance their own skills to the point where this great game of bowls becomes even more pleasurable.

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