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May 16, 2012

Rolling out the new website!

It's about time!

It's true... it is about time I revised mvpsports.ca but business and a few other things just got in the way... in a nice way! Our new site has gone interactive with not only a Product Gallery where registered members can comment on their favourite Taylor or Olson products, but also where they can contribute to our new Club MVP forum. It is hoped that we will all be positive in our comments and advice here as our main goal is to help with the growth of our sport, not only in Lawn Bowls but Curling and Golf as well. Hopefully we will realize that we can learn from other sports rather than be jealous of what they have done!

The Delivery Doctor will be blogging as frequently as he can, providing you with coaching tips to help you with your game! Other blogs will no doubt be sports related... this is a sports site after all! Personally I am a fan of the Olympics... just can't get enough of them and I suspect I will have something to say about the Tour de France! I am hoping everyone will benefit from registering for our site as they will then have access to the new Club MVP forum where club development tips and guidelines will be shared amongst club members.

Positive and Proactive are the name of the game at Club MVP!

We will be adding other features in the future, all with the intent of helping our great games grow! If you have something you would like to share with other clubs then please pass it on to me and I will post it in our Resource section. Please keep in mind that the material should be yours and not someone elses! Our Product Gallery will soon have an "add to cart" feature to make your online shopping even easier. In the meantime please use our contact form to enquire about the availability of certain products. Most of all welcome to the new mvpsports.ca.

Enjoy your stay and please remember that our goal is to help our sports grow! Cheers Dan

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