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October 21, 2012

Is it time to change the Ontario Championships format?

Ontario Championships - Moving forward!

I haven't played much in the Ontario Championships since the early 90's.

There are a few reasons but I think the biggest one was the total time commitment it took in our already short season. For me, this meant altogether too much time away from my young family. I know others feel the same way, or at least must be!

This year I entered the District singles and was dismayed to see only 4 entries. I remember when we had over 20 entries in our district alone! Where have they all gone? Is it because every district seems to have their own way of running the event? Is it because of the poor quality of the greens in most places? It can't all be because of the cost of gas!

I bellieve it's time to rework the way we run the championships, and I invite you to read further to see what I would suggest is a framework for moving forward. The following is just one example of how we could rework our playdowns/championships to encourage maximum particpation in the least amount of time.


  • to ensure the best possible teams represent Ontario at the Canadian Finals
  • to condense the playing schedule to a maximum of 9 days at which time Provincial finalists would be declared in the three major events, Fours, Pairs and Singles
  • to ensure consistency of play throughout the playdowns


Ontario Championships

  • 1 week (9 days total) - from Saturday to the following Sunday
  • Fours - Sat - Mon
  • Pairs - Tues - Thurs
  • Singles - Fri - Sun


One Provincial Headquarters will be selected by the Provincial Finals Organizing Committee Provincial Headquarters will require:

  • minimum of 2 regulation greens, 3 - 4 would be desirable
  • greens running no less than 12 seconds and no more than 15 seconds, and there will be a necessary consistency between one green and another
  • a cooperative effort with the services of Ontario’s top greenskeeper, equipment and resources
  • a building facility sufficient to host the anticipated number of bowlers for the duration of the Championship event
  • food and beverage component capable of hosting the anticipated number of bowlers


  • Time Saved - playdown time cut in half Money Saved - to both the participants and the organization
  • Open Tournaments will once again thrive
  • Quality Greens for Championships Money collected directed to Provincial Headquarters/Greens and Championship Players
  • Broadcast ready finals
  • Sponsor attractive event with finals and consistent venue with quality greens Provincial Champions declared well in advance of the National Finals
  • Week long tournament does not specifically cater to one demographic: ie. those who work weekends do not have to forego the event every year due to work commitments.  


  • Hosting the finals starting on the July 1st weekend would mean fewer days that those working M-F would have to take off work if competing in all three events.
  • Host the event in a non-Toronto location that has affordable accommodation, or in lieu of that partner with a hotel chain that will provide reasonable rates.
  • Host the event in a location that, should the player be eliminated early have reasonable access to alternate activities… ie… theatre, sports (golf), entertainment, dining etc
  • Play a single knockout format… over time the greens will be the best available so losing on a wonky green will not be an issue and more often than not the champion will be the best bowler

You can reply here as a comment or head on over to either the thread in our forum or even leave a comment in our FB group, but let's not be complacent about this. I heard many of you asking for change and the only change that is worthwhile is the one that you help create!

Cheers, Dan Milligan – The Delivery Doctor

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