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The Ubi_Launcher® – Who Needs It?

Jack & the Ubi_Lads

Ubi_Launcher® Step 1

Set your Ubi_Launcher® behind your bowl

Ubi_Launcher® Step 2

Slide your Ubi_Launcher® under your bowl (note the very slight angle)

Ubi_Launcher® Step 3

Flatten your Ubi_Launcher® and slide it under your bowl

Ubi_Launcher® Step 4

Lift your bowl with your Ubi_Launcher® and set your bowl in place in front of the mat

Ubi_Launcher® Step 5

Tilt your Ubi_Launcher® slightly and slide it back from your bowl

Ubi_Launcher® Step 6

Turn your Ubi_Launcher® over and set it gently on your bowl… ready to launch!

Who Needs an Ubi_Launcher®? – You & Your Club Do…

If you suffer from:

  • a bad back
  • bad knees
  • bad hips

You need the Ubi_Launcher®

If your greens are suffering from

  • divots taken out by the dumpers
  • skids marks from poor deliveries

Your club needs the Ubi_Launcher®

If your membership numbers are

  • dipping dangerously low
  • showing signs of decline

Your club needs the Ubi_Launcher®

How easy is it to use the Ubi_Launcher®?

Our Ubi_Launcher® is the most lightweight, most inexpensive, easiest to use bowls delivery aid you can find – anywhere in the world! 

How much does the Ubi_Launcher® cost?

The cost in Canada is ony $80, tax included. Shipping costs are minimal, usually no more than $22. We can ship 4 for only slightly more. Just sayin'!

Can I buy just the Ubi_Launcher® head?

Absolutely – We include the pole for $80 to get you started, but some want to buy just the head - and we sell that for $75. Shipping will be less of course.

Do we ship Internationally?

You bet we do.

We have over 1600 Ubi_Launcher® in play worldwide.

Taylor Bowls (Scotland) is our UK/European Distributor for the Ubi_Launcher®

Is the Ubi_Launcher® sanctioned for play?

You will have to check with your own national associatioans, but here in Canada our Ubi_Launcher® has been sanctioned for play all the way from club level, through tournaments, to select National Playdowns.

Fully sanctioned in the UK!

What if I don't live in Canada and want one?

We are seeking Distributors for our MVP Sports designed and Canadian built Ubi_Launcher®.

Preference will naturally be given to Taylor Bowls reps in good standing.
Serious enquires only to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If your club is applying for a Grant, please consider our Ubi_Launcher®.
Our bowls delivery aid maximizes inclusivity at a cost that is not prohibitive!
Canadian Designed – Canadian Made!

Do you want to help your ailing friends and your home club? 

Promo Flyers

Click here to view and print our original Ubi_Launcher® promo poster, or
Click here to download and print our Save Your Back, Knees and Hips poster.

Instructional VIdeos

Still not convinced? Check out the Ubi_Launcher® Tips videos by The Delivery Doctor to see just how easy it is to use our Ubi_Launcher®
You will be amazed!