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Do you want to
Get fit – & – Stay fit?

Do you have

  • An seldom used treadmill?

  • A barely used bike?

  • An ancient stepper?

  • Dust on all of them?

Who Doesn't?

What do you think? Isn't it time to do something about it?

Here's what we suggest!

It's time to move them out
and treat yourself to a T-Zone

  • Ten minutes a day is all you'll need

  • 4 different models to choose from

  • Smaller footprint than other fitness machines

  • Whole Body Vibration at its best

Your T-Zone can help you with your

• Conditioning • Strengthening • Toning • Weight Loss

Without Pain • At Your Own Pace • In Only 10 Minutes/Day

The Definitive
What - Where - Why - When - Who and How
of Whole Body Vibration

T-Zone VT-20A

Shown above

In as few as ten minutes a day you can be in the best shape of your life!

Need More Info ?

Click the Text below each fitness image to get the lowdown from What to How owning your own T-Zone will help you up your game!

Still not a believer in T-Zone Whole Body Vibration?


Check out some of these videos!
3 Minutes to Better Golf
What's wrong with Exercise?
Or some of these short fitness videos Stepups... Planks... 3 Minute Golf Warmup
Coming soon... workout vids from the Delivery Doctor!

Books & Testimonials!

We've provided a link to Morris Aboody's book on WBV (I want the book now)
Do you need some real Testimonials?

Great Savings at MVP Sports!

Contact us today at MVP Sports to see how you can qualify for some wonderful savings on your T-Zone WBV machine!
Do it now... seriously... we want to help you make an informed decision on improving your health and your favourite game!

I've seen enough and want to order my own T-Zone right now!

You bet! I'm convinced already! You don't have to show me any more.

I'm a convert! What more do you want me to say.

Just let me click somewhere to order my T-Zone!

Aha! I see it... just press the button below, right! Gotcha!

TZone VT20

Enough is enough already!

I need my own T-Zone asap!
Please contact me with details on
how I can finally be on my way to
Getting Fit & Staying Fit

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