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Double Decker

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The Double Decker - quite the little bag!

This sporty little bag has two compartments.

The Double Decker, although designed as a two bowl bag, can easily be adpated for use as a four bowl bag.

In fact, it's the bag used by The Delivery Doctor!

* Required * Colours - Stock BlueRed
Ask about this product
  • The Taylor Double Decker is available in Red or Blue
  • The lower section has space for two of your bowls, while the larger upper section has room for your other two bowls, a towel, your measure, grip wax, wallet and whatever other small items you wish to bring to the game.
  • An outer pocket could also be a great place for your car keys, measure and grip wax.
  • Includes a shoulder strap for over the shoulder carry
  • This little beauty will always ensure you aren't going to weigh yourself down!
  • With just a little ingenuity you can put together a soft bottom layer to fit beneath your two bowls you will be putting in the top section of your Double Decker.
  • Yup - that's all it takes!
  • Dimensions: L28 : W14 : H35 (cm)