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Welcome to our new
MVP Sports Online Ordering Experience

Before entering our online Catalog and Ordering pages,
please take a few minutes just to familiarize yourself with how our MVP Shop works!
On this page you will find some fascinating materials:
Current Price List; Bowls Bias Chart; Bowls Size & Weight Chart; Grant Info!

Browsing our "Shop"
It's really quite easy. Once you have given a quick read to this section all you have to do is click on one of the SubMenus and you will be taken directly to our current items catalog. Main Categories are Bowls / Curling / Golf. Once in any category you can switch to any other category.
Navigating our "Shop"

Once in the shop you will see a navigation menu (along the left side if you are on a computer or probably just above the listed items if you are on a mobile device.
You will be able to dig down into each category for more specific browsing. (ie. Bowls -> Sundry and find measures, towels, etc)

Searching for Items

There is a "Filters" search box that also lets you search for specific items.
Be specific, and remember, spelling counts!"

Selecting Items

Simply click on the Add to Quote button for each item you would like to order.
Items will be added to your "Cart".

Shopping is easy at
MVP Sports!

Although we currently do not accept payment through this website, you can certainly order from here. The procedure for ordering form MVP Sports is:

  • You view products in our catalog
  • You select items (Add to Cart)
  • You view your Cart
  • You place enquiry
  • We will confirm availability & email you an invoice
  • You make payment
  • We ship!

As always, thank you for considering MVP Sports for your purchase. We value all of our customers!

Your Cart

Once you have selected your items and are ready to order, please proceed to your Cart and verify these are the items you would like.
You can always click the Continue Shopping button to - you know - continue shopping!

Contact Information

Before you can proceed further you will be asked to provide some contact information. This information is vital as it will allow us to provide you with an accurate cost of shipping.
Once your contact info is complete, send your order by pressing the Continue to Query Form button.

Next Steps

We will then check our stock for availability and send you a confirmation email with total cost, including shipping costs.
You can then confirm your order by return email.
We will send you an invoice and once paid we will send off your package.

Personal Information

Please note: we do not share your information with anyone as per our online policies
You will have the option to receive further notifications and/or sign up for MVP Sports related emails at any time after your first contact with us.
You will not be inundated with a constant barrage of notifications and will have the opportunity to remove yourself from any lists or our database at any time simply by contacting us by email.

Bowls Colour Options 2024

  • Black

  • Storm Grey

  • White Steel

  • Blue Mint

  • Blue Speckle

  • Blue White

  • DkBlue Magenta

  • Raspberry Ripple

  • Cherry Red

  • Red Speckle

  • Mint White

  • Iced Lime

  • Green Speckle

  • Amber

  • Lemon Sherbet

    Price Lists, Charts & More

    MVP Sports Price List
    • Click here to view our 2024 MVP Sports Price List, or
    • Click here to download and print our 2024 MVP Sports Bowls Price List.
    • The Majority of our bowls product comes from Taylor Bowls in Scotland.
    • Taylor Bowls have been making bowls and related products longer than any other manufacturer in the world – much longer!
    • They are recognized as the #1 leader in innovation and were first to bring out colour bowls over two decades ago.
    • We are honoured to be part of the Taylor family.
    • We now place our major Spring Order with Taylor on November 1st of each year for delivery by early April.
    • In 2024 we will also be placing order on March 30th and again on July 30th
    Bowls Bias Chart
    • Click here to view the Bowls Bias Chart
    • Please Note: This chart is an indication of what the respective model of bowl will do under perfect conditions, and unless you're bowling at a venue I've never heard of there is no such venue in Canada!
    • We therefore advise that this chart is here to show you how different models of bowls react in comparison to each other.
    • If you are struggling to come up with a decision as to how to best choose the bowl that is best suited both for the pace of greens you play on most often please remember, no one bowl will do the job you want on all paces of greens.
    • We strongly suggest that if you are intent on using one model only to invest in the bowl that will serve your purposes on the greens you play on most often. 
    Bowls Size & Weight Chart
    • Click here to view the Bowls Size & Weight Chart
    • We do not recommend going for the biggest, heaviest bowl - that is such an antiquated philosophy!
    • Please Note: The weights shown in the chart are close to what you would expect to see in your bowls.
    • When dealing in grams it should be expected that when its says your bowls weigh 1340 grams this is an indication of the approximate weight of the bowl, not its exact weight.
    • Taylor has ensured that  each bowl in your set is matched to each other, under exacting specifications.
    • Dan's Note: This game is all about feel so choose the bowl that is most comfortable in your hand - under all playing conditions!
    Club Grants
    • MVP Sports will be pleased to work with you in determining the best bowls needs for your own club.
    • Needs will differ according to your demographics, your club size and the pace of your greens.
    • Might we suggest including our Ubi_Launcher®, fast becoming the world's most popular bowls delivery aid.
    • Also available is the SRPM, the world's most accurate greens pace tester - an essential tool for improving your greens and increasing your membership!
    • Once you have your grant approval, contact us as early as possible to ensure early delivery of your product.