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The Ubi_Launcher

Save your back, hips, knees and greens with the Ubi_Launcher™

Years ago people scoffed at curlers who used a stick to help them get a rock from one end to the other. Those early pioneers took it on the chin and we're glad they did, for the entire game of curling today thanks them for it. Our own curling club has close to 20% of our curlers (over 70 in all) playing with the stick. It has saved their curling careers and by so doing saved many a curling club. We rely on each and every member of the club no matter what delivery method they choose to use to keep us running. Can you imagine how, if we are the norm, the game of curling could survive in Canada if not for the 200,000 stick curlers.

So what have we done about this in Bowls? Practically nothing. I say practically because I had an agent some years ago wonder out loud with me why there wsn't such a tool available in bowls, and in fact encouraged us at MVP Sports to develop such a tool. We saw a very rudimentary delivery tool but it still necessitated bending over to set bowls and was prone to heavily scratching bowls. It also was best suited to only a few larger sizes of bowls. We have seen and sold bowling arms, however as we point out they require a certain degree of finger, hand and wrist strength and are not suitable to a large segment of the bowls population who have retired from the sport due to arthritic conditions. 

So here we are a few years of development later and we are proud to announce a new product, developed and manufactured here in Canada by Canadians for bowlers throughout the world. We hope beyond hope that it will become the saviour of the game of bowls just as it has done with curling. We have been fortunate to have been able to work with a fine young group of sports-minded engineers on this project. They ensured that strength and measurement tolerances were met, keeping in mind that we wanted a lightweight, adjustable, multi-functional, durable and most of all affordable delivery aid for lawn bowlers.

We give you... the Ubi_Launcher!

Check out the video

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Are You Ready for the Summer of 2012?

Calling all couch potatoes!

In Ontario it wasn't much of a winter. I think I only shovelled the drive 2 or 3 times... not that I'm complaining or anything! Usually we can count on this as one of our winter activities that will help keep us fit a summer bowls and golf.

I don't have a problem that way... I curl too, so quite frankly I don't miss the shovelling one little bit!

I do however like to stay in shape throughout the winter. Inasmuch as I like to watch sports, any sports, on TV and we go through our share of movies I know the importance of a regular daily workout, no matter how short or long in duration.

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