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Rolling out the new website!

It's about time!

It's true... it is about time I revised but business and a few other things just got in the way... in a nice way!

Our new site has gone interactive with not only a Product Gallery where registered members can comment on their favourite Taylor or Olson products, but also where they can contribute to our new Club MVP forum. It is hoped that we will all be positive in our comments and advice here as our main goal is to help with the growth of our sport, not only in Lawn Bowls but Curling and Golf as well. Hopefully we will realize that we can learn from other sports rather than be jealous of what they have done!

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Are You Ready for the Summer of 2012?

Calling all couch potatoes!

In Ontario it wasn't much of a winter. I think I only shovelled the drive 2 or 3 times... not that I'm complaining or anything! Usually we can count on this as one of our winter activities that will help keep us fit a summer bowls and golf.

I don't have a problem that way... I curl too, so quite frankly I don't miss the shovelling one little bit!

I do however like to stay in shape throughout the winter. Inasmuch as I like to watch sports, any sports, on TV and we go through our share of movies I know the importance of a regular daily workout, no matter how short or long in duration.

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The Delivery Doctor is at it Again!

A visit to the MLS Indoor!

At a recent “Date with the Delivery Doctor” at the new MLS bowls centre in Toronto I had confirmation once again of what I think is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the delivery... the pendulum motion!

Why is it misunderstood? For decades the schooling has been that the bowls delivery is based on a pendular motion, and while there may be a modicum of truth in this, the full concept of pendular is often mistaken as being akin to  the true pendular movement of a grandfather clock... which has very little to do with the way the arm is hinged or works in the bowls delivery.

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Canadiana ACE - Limited Edition

Get your set of Red & White Speckles before they run out!

For a limited time only you can order your own set of Taylor ACE bowls… Canadiana style!

That’s right. We are making available a limited number of these special Red and White Speckled bowls for the first time, but you’ll have to act fast if you want to reserve your special set. You only have until December 31st, 2010 to order your set with your choice of engraving.

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