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Getting It Done in the New Year

Make it a Goal, not a Resolution and you will succeed!

Happy New Year… I think!

Well here we are into yet another year. Apparently this one is numbered 2015 and follows the one that just flew by they called 2014. Will it be just like the ones before that? Will it fly by too? Did it zip by without accomplishing any of the things we really wanted to get done? How would we even know… if we didn’t set out to do anything? Or did we?

Aha… there’s the rub! Did we even set out to do anything? Did we set ourselves some goals. Were they actually attainable? Were they realistic? Did we let anyone know about them before we started them or did we just hope by not announcing them we would be able to lolling our way through another year without getting anything done? Did we write any of them down?

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The Ubi_Launcher

Save your back, hips, knees and greens with the Ubi_Launcher™

Years ago people scoffed at curlers who used a stick to help them get a rock from one end to the other. Those early pioneers took it on the chin and we're glad they did, for the entire game of curling today thanks them for it. Our own curling club has close to 20% of our curlers (over 70 in all) playing with the stick. It has saved their curling careers and by so doing saved many a curling club. We rely on each and every member of the club no matter what delivery method they choose to use to keep us running. Can you imagine how, if we are the norm, the game of curling could survive in Canada if not for the 200,000 stick curlers.

So what have we done about this in Bowls? Practically nothing. I say practically because I had an agent some years ago wonder out loud with me why there wsn't such a tool available in bowls, and in fact encouraged us at MVP Sports to develop such a tool. We saw a very rudimentary delivery tool but it still necessitated bending over to set bowls and was prone to heavily scratching bowls. It also was best suited to only a few larger sizes of bowls. We have seen and sold bowling arms, however as we point out they require a certain degree of finger, hand and wrist strength and are not suitable to a large segment of the bowls population who have retired from the sport due to arthritic conditions. 

So here we are a few years of development later and we are proud to announce a new product, developed and manufactured here in Canada by Canadians for bowlers throughout the world. We hope beyond hope that it will become the saviour of the game of bowls just as it has done with curling. We have been fortunate to have been able to work with a fine young group of sports-minded engineers on this project. They ensured that strength and measurement tolerances were met, keeping in mind that we wanted a lightweight, adjustable, multi-functional, durable and most of all affordable delivery aid for lawn bowlers.

We give you... the Ubi_Launcher!

Check out the video

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The True Cost of the Dumper

Greens Protectors are for Celery and Broccoli, not Bowls!

I was asked last fall about the availability of the "Greens Protector Mats!" Those who know me well will tell you I have never been an advocate for these potential lawsuits waiting to happen! That would be an understatement!

As a prior greenskeeper I know the bane of bowls is the dumper. In fact I figure each dumper a club has costs the club close to $800 in damages to the green and maintenance time to try to correct the damage done. Given that cost, I do have a few solutions, some of which are not always initially seen as positive but all of which are offered for the good of the club. I trust they will be taken as such, and if you should have any further questions please feel free to call or email for clarification.

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Where is Bowls' Defining Moment?

Other Sports have them... what's wrong with us?

I woke up this morning and, for whatever reason, this was the question that was on my mind! Usually it’s a question of what to do next in one of our home renovation projects, or what can I develop next to make one of the games I play (bowls, golf curling) a better game. But no, today it was the burning question of what defines Bowls as a sport.

And you know what? I didn’t have an answer.

So, I got to thinking about other sports. Hockey, for instance, has the Stanley Cup and that is surely defining enough. Football has the Super Bowl as its big game (the Grey Cup here in the Great White North). Soccer/Football has the World Cup. Baseball has the World Series. These are all team games with a set number of players and the big events are played pretty much the same way as they play in their league play leading up to the “event.” Cricket has whatever they play for a championship, but it looks the same as their league play. Aussie Rules Football (brilliant game!) has its exciting finals (in Sydney when I was there in ’85).There are other team games that also fall in line with this where the Defining Moment of the sport is a culmination of how the game is normally played.

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Let Bowls Be Your Mud!

Shouting Out Bowls!

Lately we've seen more and more Facebook groups and pages emerge relating to Bowls... not just locally and nationally, but worldwide as well. With the World Championships going on in Adelaide there is no better to time to give a few Shout Outs about our great game! Let's get some tweets out folks...

I think Tim over at the Bowls Brigade has been throwing some out but I say the more the merrier and have been giving some shout outs daily to three of my "targets"... namely... @darenmillard @SportnetSpec and @DarrenDreger... Daren Millard especially has has his interest tweaked and has been quoted as saying, "I love this game!"

Sooo... let's throw some tweets out to these lads or find another set who you think might pick up on our great game...

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Championships Bowls Pool

Win A Set of Taylor Bowls

I'm not sure if this has been tried before but we've just started a Lawn Bowls Championships Pool... a season long one!

One of my favourite things I like doing is entering sports pools. I've placed first and last in hockey pools, football pools and had as much fun with the draft parties as I have with the online banter that goes on all season in some pools.

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