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The Delivery Doctor is at it Again!

A visit to the MLS Indoor!

At a recent “Date with the Delivery Doctor” at the new MLS bowls centre in Toronto I had confirmation once again of what I think is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the delivery... the pendulum motion!

Why is it misunderstood? For decades the schooling has been that the bowls delivery is based on a pendular motion, and while there may be a modicum of truth in this, the full concept of pendular is often mistaken as being akin to  the true pendular movement of a grandfather clock... which has very little to do with the way the arm is hinged or works in the bowls delivery.

I have been coaching for some time now with the principal that, as in other sports, the key element to any delivery is the follow through, and it is the length of the follow through that in fact is one of the dominant elements that governs the distance that the bowl rolls. It is the length of the follow through that then governs the length of the stride, which again, goes a long way to determining the distance that the bowl rolls.

Buried in all of this is the fact that the backswing should not change from a simple drop down motion, that when viewed from the side will rarely go back beyond the plane of the back ankle! Nobody ever hits a golf ball on a backswing... nobody ever hits a tennis ball on a backswing... its all accomplished during the forward swing... which must include a full follow through to ensure success.

So, if you  are struggling with weight control or wondering why you can’t get your bowl to the other end (besides our wonky heavy greens) then look no further than an overly long backswing and then what you are not subsequently doing with your follow through. I hope to post a youtube vid on this soon that should demonstrate this concept more clearly, but in the meantime, find yourself a mirror and see if you can’t finish at least as high as the wee pict at the beginning of this article. In that photo, the backswing probably never went further back than mid calf at most... and that’s all it really needs!

The Delivery Doctor can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions about your (bowls) deliveries.

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  • Chris Walker

    04 August 2012 at 17:29 |
    Couldn't agree more!


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