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Let Bowls Be Your Mud!

Shouting Out Bowls!

Lately we've seen more and more Facebook groups and pages emerge relating to Bowls... not just locally and nationally, but worldwide as well. With the World Championships going on in Adelaide there is no better to time to give a few Shout Outs about our great game! Let's get some tweets out folks...

I think Tim over at the Bowls Brigade has been throwing some out but I say the more the merrier and have been giving some shout outs daily to three of my "targets"... namely... @darenmillard @SportnetSpec and @DarrenDreger... Daren Millard especially has has his interest tweaked and has been quoted as saying, "I love this game!"

Sooo... let's throw some tweets out to these lads or find another set who you think might pick up on our great game...

A few years back when I was teaching a communications class I started out with a short NFB video that had a couple of poignant moments... one especially rang true then and still does now. One of the chaps being interviewed said, "If you throw enough mud on the wall some of it will stick." There may have never been truer words spoken!

So... let Bowls be our mud, Tweet our launcher and Sportscasters be our wall! Let's get to it... With the World Bowls Championships going on now and with the success we're having there may be no better time to show we care! It's easy and it's free... what more could you want?

Who are your favourite "walls"? Share them with us here and/or over at FB Club MVP for all to see... and use... and get on with promoting our sport.

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