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Giving Back to Your Sport!

So what have you done lately?

Really! What have you done lately?

First of all let me express my sincere appreciation and congratulations to all the volunteers out there who put in countless hours to help their club or sport. You know that without you your club would never survive. And I know you must be checking your forehead for fever at times when you wonder if your efforts are worth it. Trust me, they are. I can only relate the incredivle experience this past two years at our own Curling Club where we essentially rose, homeless, out of the ashes to not only survive, but to almost double our membership to 380 members in just over a year! It could not have been done without the over 4000 volunteer hours put in by our club volunteers.

But not everyone helps... or knows where to go to offer their help.

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Championships Bowls Pool

Win A Set of Taylor Bowls

I'm not sure if this has been tried before but we've just started a Lawn Bowls Championships Pool... a season long one!

One of my favourite things I like doing is entering sports pools. I've placed first and last in hockey pools, football pools and had as much fun with the draft parties as I have with the online banter that goes on all season in some pools.

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Rolling out the new website!

It's about time!

It's true... it is about time I revised but business and a few other things just got in the way... in a nice way!

Our new site has gone interactive with not only a Product Gallery where registered members can comment on their favourite Taylor or Olson products, but also where they can contribute to our new Club MVP forum. It is hoped that we will all be positive in our comments and advice here as our main goal is to help with the growth of our sport, not only in Lawn Bowls but Curling and Golf as well. Hopefully we will realize that we can learn from other sports rather than be jealous of what they have done!

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