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Campbellford LBC does it First Class!

At this time Steve Carlson is putting together a package describing what they have done in their catchment area to attract new members to their club. In a nutshell, and until the full version comes in from Steve, they essentially run a 6 week coaching program whereby The Delivery Doctor (TDD) is brought in to start off the whole shebang in week one. The evening starts at 6 with a briefing of the local coaches on what to expect: their roles, the expected guidance TDD will require etc. At 6:45 the new bowlers are taken indoors for a brief 10 minute talk from TDD... a basic introduction not so much to how the game is played, but to how much fun it can be! A few minutes only are then spent putting a bowl in their hand and showing them the "perfect" grip, followed by the only concept that really matters in bowls... "little dot to the inside!" Then its outdoors for some practical roll-ups and adjustments. At 7:45 it is back indoors for a strategy session and Q&A with a wrap-up at 9... or usually later.

You can view and print a copy of Steve's Press Releases here. Photos, while not included in this download, are necessary with your releases as they will draw attention to your text!

  • Written by: Dan
  • Monday, 21 May 2012

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