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Membership Drives That Work!

Share your best practice membership drives with other clubs. Let's set a goal of increasing every club by just 10% this year.

What have you done lately to boost your membership?

Have you tried...

  • your local media?
  • your schools?
  • your friends?
  • your family?
  • local business groups?
  • charitable organizations?

And what have you done to follow-up?

At Club MVP our goal is to collate all the different ideas and make them accessible to clubs everywhere. We want to ensure that our great sport moves forward.

So step on over to our Forum and start sharing your ideas. You can also email me directly here at MVP Sports and I will be glad to show you how sharing your ideas with others can only be to the benefit of all!

Please ensure that there are no copyright infringements with any of the materials you are sharing! Rights and Permissions of materials should be respected at all times.

  • Written by: Dan
  • Saturday, 28 April 2012

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