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Bowls Size & Weight Chart

Choosing the right weight of bowl is only one ingredient to success when it comes time to choosing your bowls. If you are playing on predominantly slower greens then a MediumWeight bowl may be your best choice. MW bowls tend to track better on our runnier slower greens and offer a better chance of success. Playing on faster, truer surfaces? Then it really comes down to personal preference and how the bowl feels in your hand.

Click here to view the Bowls Size & Weight Chart

Please Note: The weights shown in the chart are close to what you would expect to see in your bowls. When dealing in grams it should be expected that when its says your bowls weigh 1340 grams this is an indication of the approximate weight of the bowl, not its exact weight.

Dan's Note: My personal preference when playing on 12 - 15 seconds, is a Black Taylor MW ACE size 5 or a Colour (Canadiana of course) Taylor HW ACE size 4... Both weigh about the same so I have the same feel in my hand regardless of which bowl I use. This game is all about feel!

  • Written by: MVP Sports
  • Monday, 30 April 2012
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