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Bowls Draw Chart

Make an informed choice.

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Please Note: This chart is an indication of what the respective model of bowl will do under perfect conditions... and unless you're bowling at a venue I've never heard of there is no such venue in Canada!

We therefore advise that this chart is here to show you how different models of bowls react in comparison to each other.

If you are struggling to come up with a decision as to how to best choose the bowl that is best suited both for the pace of greens you play on most often please remember... no one bowl will do the job you want on all paces of greens. We advise if you are intent on using one model only to invest in the bowl that will serve your purposes most often on the greens you play on most often. Our other advice is to stay away from greens that are either too slow or too fast.

You will note the Blaze is not shown on this chart. It sports a draw that is less than an ACE but more than a Vector VS

Dan's Note: My personal preference is to only play on greens running 12 - 15 seconds, where all the shots in the game can be played... with a Taylor ACE of course, my own personal favourite!

  • Written by: MVP Sports
  • Saturday, 28 April 2012
  • Posted in: MVP

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