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Club Help

Why not share some of your successes with other clubs.

Submit your success stories and help other clubs grow. Maybe you have a membership drive idea that worked. Perhaps you have developed a Coaching Seminar series such as Campbellford and Agincourt have done.

Let's work together to grow the sport of Lawn Bowls!

Before you go any further check out this great video, produced in England, that showcases many of the reasons we all love the game of bowls! It's called "Bowl Up and Shine" and it's from the Bowls Development Alliance... and it's just plain great!

  1. Bowl Up and Shine!

Breaking Down the Bowls Barriers

Do you want to increase your club membership... or learn how to retain the members you already have? Then this short document could be the starting point to helping you save your club!

Campbellford LBC does it First Class!

Read further for tips on how to set up and promote your club Training Nights. Information includes planning, marketing and even a sample Press Release!

Membership Drives That Work!

Try to imagine your club growing by 50% in one year! Believe it or not some have.

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