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  • Jack and the Ubi_Lads!
  • Set your Ubi_Launcher behind your bowl
  • Slide your Ubi_Launcher under your bowl (note: very slight tilt to Ubi_Launcher)
  • Flatten your Ubi_Launcher and slide under your bowl
  • Lift your Bowl with your Ubi_Launcher and set bowl in place in front of mat
  • Tilt your Ubi_Launcher slightly and slide back from your bowl
  • Turn your Ubi_Launcher over and set it gently on your bowl... ready to Launch!

The Ubi_Launcher® – Who Needs It?

If you suffer from:

  • bad back
  • bad knees
  • bad hips

You need the Ubi_Launcher®

If your greens are suffering from:

  • divots - taken out by the dumpers who toss their bowls from the hip
  • divots and skid marks - by bowlers with too steep a delivery

Then your club needs the Ubi_Launcher®

If your membership numbers are:

  • dipping dangerously low
  • showing signs of decline

Then your club needs the Ubi_Launcher®
... several clubs already have 8 or more!

How easy is it use the Ubi_Launcher®

How much does the Ubi_Launcher® cost?

The Ubi_Launcher® retails for $80 a unit. This includes the adjustable handle and in Canada the tax. Shipping and handling rates will apply. Here's a good tip for Bowls Clubs thinking about ordering more than one Ubi_Launcher®. We can ship up to 4 Ubi_Launcher® in the same box... at a marginally higher S/H cost than if we ship just one!

Please complete the Ubi_Launcher® request for info form and we will provide you with an accurate estimate of your total cost, based on the number of units ordered and the shipping location. If shipped to one location the order must be placed through one payment (credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard).

Do you want to help your ailing friends and your home club?

Here are just a couple of flyers that you can print out and post on your bulletin boards or maybe just send to them to give them a prod.
New Product Announcement

Save your back, hips, knees and greens!

Don't Forget!!

... to send your club executive this link to the short Ubi_Launcher® video on this page.
Show your club executive how easy it is to use, and how it can save your greens, your membership and maybe even your club!

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