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This Lawn Bowls delivery aid is lightweight, adjustable, durable and most of all affordable. If you suffer from a bad back, back hips or bad knees then the Ubi_Launcher™ may be just the delivery aid you've been looking for. Just a few short minutes and you should be playing the game of Lawn Bowls like you've never played before. 

At the end of your game you can easily undo the two peices and transport the Launcher section in your bag and carry the adjustable pole alongside. It collapses to a reasonably short length!

So why not start a Bowls trend that saved the game of Curling?

Testimonials (just a few of the many coming in!)
This testimonial was sent to me (unsollicited) by a long time and well respected bowler from the Agincourt LBC... 

"For the past two years, I have been waking up at night because of pain in my knees after having bowled in a 3-game tournament. I have used my new launcher for one week. I bowled at Oshawa yesterday in a 3-game tournament,—no pain while bowling, and, more important for my health, no waking up last night in pain. Several bowlers commented yesterday that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen me so happy. Keep well Dan and enjoy the summer.  Cheers,—Rick Matthews"

Rick later added... "

Hi again Dan... At the Arthritis Society,  where I volunteer, they often see me using my cane. On Tuesday, when I walked into the office, the first person who saw me said,—“You’re not limping”.  Just thought you’d like to know. Cheers,-- Rick"

Paul Davis of Moncton NB, one of our first Ubi_Launcher™ converts, said this...

"Before using the Launcher I could probably bowl 5 bowls then had to stop. The day that I received the Launcher I practised with it and bowled approximately 50 bowls with no sign of a sore back. I am getting more used to it and it is just fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone with some kind of physical problem. Best regards, Paul"

You can't believe how good this makes Brenda and I feel!

Save your back, your hips, your knees... and maybe even the game of bowls itself!
Get your own Ubi_Launcher™ today!

We are now into our 2nd run of our Ubi_Launcher®, with Taylor Bowls, Scotland, now acting as our Ubi_Launcher® Distributor in the UK and Europe.

The Ubi_Launcher® has become the most used bowls delivery aid in the world! Over 850 in use worldwide!


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