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The Blaze is also made for faster greens. It has slightly less draw than the popular ACE with little hook at the end. A key feature with the Blaze is its narrow profile. Like the wider drawing Legacy SL the Blaze is a great fit for smaller or arthritic hands. It comes in Black or Colour with Taylor’s excellent new Premium grip.

As the blaze is intended to be used for play on faster greens we do not stock a great number of these. Sadly we don't have a sufficient number of fast greens in Canada. The Taylor ACE or International are fine colour choices for most Canadian greens.


  • Item#: 151
  • Green Pace: fast
  • Weight: HW
  • Grip: ProGrip
  • Colours: Black, Blue Speckle, Black/Red, Blue/Black/Silver, Flame, Camouflage
  • Availability: Limited Stock
  • Price: Black $515 : Colour $640


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