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Double Decker 2 bowl bag

Double Decker Bowls Bag

This has quickly become the choice of club bowlers and even some tournament bowlers alike (yours truly is one!) What looks like a 2 bowl bag actually holds 4 bowls... two in the bottom zipped section and two in the top. What's more, there is ample space in the front zipped pocket for your chalk, grip wax, scorecard holder and measure!

Oh, did we mention how easy it is to carry this bag around due to its slim profile and over-the-shoulder strap?

Who could want for anything more!

We love this bag... so much so that when Taylor stopped production a few years ago we pleaded to get it back in the fold! We're not sure how much influence we actually had but we are elated that this economical, extremely compact and functional bowls bag is once again available from our stock!

The new model has improved zippers and material... just our opinion, but we think it counts!


  • Item#: 385
  • Colours: Red, Blue
  • Dimensions: H13" x W10" x D5.5"
  • Availability: Stock
  • Price: $65


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