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Crack A Jack

Crack A Jack

I first came across Crack A Jack while playing in the inaugural Pacific Games in Tweed Heads in 1985. I thought it was sensational back then... and I haven't changed my mind since!

CAJ has withheld the test of time and remains the world's most sought after Bowls Polish and Grip Wax.

Simply rub a few rings of CAJ around your bowl, slip it into your polishing sleeve, give it a few good shimmies back and forth and out it comes... as good as new and with a grip that should last a full game... maybe even two depending on your conditions of play!

It's not gooey or runny like other grip waxes. It's just the best!

We are nearing the end of run for our supply of CAJ and are moving towards the 'even better' Grippit Stick. Seriously, there's something better than CAJ??


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  • Availability: Limited Stock
  • Price: Reg. $7.50 Now only $5 each while quantities last!


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