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Carpet Bowls - Brown/Black shown here

Carpet Bowls

Each set of colour carpet bowls comes with 16 bowls and one regulation jack. The bowls are available in two colours per set. Presently the sets include either yellow/black or yellow/brown. We do have some other sets of maroon/blue or red/maroon available in limited supply. The listed price applies to current stock only.

NB... We also stock Yellow only sets. Curious move you might be thinking? Not really! We have found that historically carpet bowlers have had to use sets made up of similar coloured black and brown bowls. Well now we can offer you a matching set of Taylor Carpet Bowls in a highly contrasting, easily identifiable colours... brilliant yellow! Ask for details on how your club can brighten up their Carpet Bowling games!

MVP Sports has been announced as the Sole Canadian Distributor for genuine Portable Carpets from the manufacturer of the world's best carpets - Verdemat, Dales Sports Surfaces, England.

We would be pleased to assist you with helping to set up a carpet bowling or short mat league in your area. To keep prices affordable we place periodic orders throughout the season, when numbers make it economically feasible. Please call or email for details.


  • Item#: 501c
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Yellow, Burgundy
  • Availability: Stock
  • Price: $800 - $1100 per set 16


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