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Carpet - 45' Short Mat

Carpet - 45' Short Mat


Verdemat 45' carpets come fully lined and ready to go!

Other models of 45' carpet available are:

  • Verdemat Roll-up (Green Surface, Fast Pace) - Recommended!
  • Champion (Green Surface, Material Backing, Fast Pace)
  • Wygreen Original (Green Surface/Chip Foam Backing, Medium/Fast Pace)
  • Verde Blue (Blue Surface, Medium Pace)
  • Verdemat Roll-up (Green Surface, Medium Pace)
  • VerdeValue Mat (Green Surface, Medium Pace)
  • Clubgreen Premier (Green Surface, Fast Pace)

Carpet shown in the illustration is the VerdeBlue. It is a medium paced carpet with a foam backing.

Special! We have a select number of Champion Short Mats in stock at an unbelievable price. Call us!


  • Item#: VB004
  • Dimensions: 45' x 6' (19" rolled diameter)
  • Availability: Special Order
  • Price: From $2225


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