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Carpet - 30' Carpet Bowling

Carpet - 30' Carpet Bowling

The Verdemat Roll-up (Fast Pace) is a popular Carpet Bowling carpet. It comes with an attached foam backing and resilient playing surface.

Markings are spartan however they are as used by the EBA (English Bowling Association). Clubs wishing to add additional lines may do so with an available line tape.

Other models of 30' carpet available are:

  • Verdemat Roll-up (Green Surface, Fast Pace) - Recommended!
  • Wygreen Original (Green Surface/Chip Foam Backing, Medium Fast)
  • Verde Blue (Blue Surface, Medium/Fast Pace)
  • Verdemat Roll-up (Green Surface, Medium Pace)
  • VerdeValue Mat (Green Surface, Fast Pace)
  • Clubgreen Premier (Green Surface, Fast Pace)

Carpet shown in the illustration is the VerdeValue Mat, with markings of a 45' carpet. Markings on the 30' Carpet Bowls mats have considerably fewer markings and are now marked with dark lines instead of the white tape, as per the English Carpet Bowls Association.


  • Item#: VB004
  • Dimensions: 30' x 6' (17" rolled diameter)
  • Availability: Special Order
  • Price: From $1750


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