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MVP Sports ~ Sole Canadian Distributor for Taylor Bowls (Scotland) ~ since 1985.

You are viewing the MVP Sports Online Product Catalog. We hope to have an interactive ordering component set up soon. In the meantime please browse through our online catalog and use our contact form if you have any further questions.

The products shown on our site here are the ones that we generally carry a good stock of, especially at the start of the bowls season. Availability of some items may vary as the season progresses, however we will do everything we can to keep the listings current!

You can download our current MVP Sports Price List from the Resource section of our site.

If you wish to view the Taylor Product Catalog (not to be confused with this online MVP Sports Catalog) then click here. NB. Not all items shown in the Taylor Catalog are available from stock from MVP Sports.

If you missed out on getting your favorite item this year you should make note of our Spring Order date of December 31st each year. Our Spring Order will arrive between early March and mid April depending on availability at the Taylor facility.

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Shirts, Jackets and more!
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