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We have had several enquiries asking us how to order product from us. We do not as yet have a full online "Store" set up as keeping a running inventory of our considerable bowls selection is not feasible at this time. In the near future, we do intend to offer several stock items with accompanying "cart" function to make your purchsing experience as easy as possible. Our hope is to grow this to include our full line of equipment. Thank you for your patience in this matter. In the meantime, below you will find a simple explanation of how to go about selecting and purchasing equipment from us here at MVP Sports.

Step 1 - Product Catalog

If you already know what you want you can skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2. If you are still uncertain about a product we have to offer or don't even know what products we have in stock go to our Main Menu, click on the Products tab and then on Online Catalog.
Short Version: Main Menu -> Products -> Online Catalog
Quick Link: Take me right to the Product Catalog now!

Step 2 - Browsing the Product Catalog

Once in the Product Catalog you can simply choose which type of products you wish... ie. Lawn Bowling, Indoor Bowling, Curling or Golf.

Let's say you chose Lawn Bowling. From there you can click on Bowls, Bowls Accessories, Bowls Apparel or Bowls Bags. And then from there... well you get the picture now, right?

Step 3 - Looking at specific items

Once you've found the item you're looking for (ie. Taylor Ace - my favourite) click on the image and it will take you to a full description of the product, showing both a brief description and the specifications, including price and availability as a stock or special order item.

At this point you are still just browsing our online Product Catalog. Unless there is a magical "Add to Cart" button it means the item is simply part of our online catalog and not part of an internet store!

Step 4 - So how do you purchase an item from MVP Sports?

We are hoping to instal an "Add to Cart" function soon. This will allow you to browse our Product Catalog, click the add to cart button when you see an item(s) that you want to purchase and eventually you will be able to pay online through PayPal or your favourite credit card. As an interim method we are hoping as well to instal an "Add to Cart" button that will allow you to accumulate a shipping list that will be sent to us, at which point we will check our stock to ensure we have all items. We would then send you an invoice (either PayPal or Square) which would also include shipping costs. You would then pay for the items and we would get them on their way to you by Canada Post.

Step 4a - Other ways to order

You could do as most customers do at this point and make a list of what they wish to order and send us an email asking us if we have the items in stock. Once we confirm that you would then give us a call with your credit card information. We will also require your full shipping information which you hopefully will have included on our product enquiry form or in a follow-up email. We are usually able to get your parcel shipped within 24 hours of receiving a confirmed (meaning paid for) order.

What about shipping costs in Canada?

Good question! We do our best to keep shipping costs in line and affordable. For orders shippied with Canada our shipping policy is to charge a maximum of $25 per shipped package. This means that as long as we can keep the weight within reason most orders will not be charged more than $25 S/H. (examples. set of 00 bowls to Toronto may be $15. Set of 00 bowls to Vancouver might be $23). Shipping rates really depend on where the product is being shipped to.

OK... what about shipping costs to our US neighbours?

Yup, same good question! Same per package idea as above but this time our maximum per package charge is $35 Cdn$. All invoices will be made out in Cdn$ and charged to your credit card in Cdn$. Visa or MasterCard will figure out the rest for you. All packages will be sent Canada Post and relayed to your USPS service once the border is crossed. S/H charges from MVP Sports cover the cost of transport only and do not include any cross border brokerage, tax or duties. All such costs are the responsibiltiy of you the customer.

What about Tax?

Another good question! A few years back we ran a couple of "We Eat The Tax" promotions. This enabled customers to purchase our product at our listed retail price... but without having to pay the additional tax. We ate it! The promotions were so successful we decided to make it a year long promotion... and it just became permament! Quite honestly it was much easier to figure out (with accounting software doing all the post sales work!) and our customers liked the fact that pricing was easy to figure out for their purchases.

If you have further questions please contact us by email or by phone. If by phone please be respectful of time zones. We live in the EST and will only accept calls between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm EST daily... yes that means 7 days a week!

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