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There is nothing quite like the SRPM

Increase your membership & improve your greens.
Baseline standards only the SRPM can provide!

The SRPM came about as a result of many conversations between Ken Simpson & Dan Milligan (The Delivery Doctor™).

  • We both had the same concerns regarding the inaccuracies of the traditional stopwatch method of determining the pace of a green.
  • We both had concerns over the notoriously slow pace of the majority of our Canadian greens.
  • We both had concerns about the decreasing membership numbers and both knew that by improving our greens we could do our little part in trying to save the game of bowls in Canada.

After some fine tuning we are pleased to present the SRPM (Simpson Reference Pace Meter).

  • It is the world's only accurate method of determining the pace of a green.
  • It does not require a bowlers skill at delivering a bowl to a specified distance.
  • It does not require a stopwatch to be started and stopped at the right time (seldom happens in my experience).
  • It does not require unnecessary time to set up.
  • The SRPM can be set up in seconds
  • The SRPM can be set up by a non-bowler.
  • Using the SRPM the pace of your green can be determined in under a minute... accurately!
  • The SRPM can be used to determine green pace anywhere on your green.
  • The SRPM can help you save your greens and increase your club membership.

Be a club leader!

Get your club an SRPM today!

  • So easy to set up!
  • So easy to use!
  • Improve your greens!
  • Build your membership!
  • Fill your tournaments!
  • Play Bowls the way it was meant to be played!

The SRPM is the world's most accurate and fastest method of testing green speed you can get. Developed and manufactured in Canada, eh!

If your club is looking to increase your membership you can do it by improving your greens. You need baseline standards - something only the SRPM can provide on a consistent basis. ~ Ken & Dan

What's up with this MVP Sports SRPM Club 13?

Fast Greens = More Members
  • It's a well known fact that the faster your greens the more inclusive the sport becomes plain and simple!
  • If you maintain slow greens you are telling the weaker, older, perhaps infirm person that they are not welcome to your club.
    Is this harsh? – I don't think so!
  • Fact is, here in Canada too many of our greens are slow... much too slow.
  • Here at MVP Sports and in tandem with Ken Simpson we are telling you that you can improve your greens and therefore your club membership with knowledge, a little elbow grease in the right direction and yes, with the aid of this easy to use, easy to set up, incredibly accurate tool... the SRPM!
SRPM Club 13 Rankings
  • As SRPM readings are received we will post them here in MVP Club 13 for all to see.
  • Only those clubs with readings of SRPM 13 or above will be listed in the official MVP Club 13 Hall of Fame!
  • Why would you want to get a higher rank and be listed here?
    • Scenario 1: As a tournament bowler you want to visit another part of the country and see that there are also a few tournaments you could play in while in the area (you know, two birds... one stone!).
    • So you sign up for tournament "X" only to find out when you get there that there was a club that was hosting tournament "Y" a couple of days later that had the better greens!
    • What a way to spoil an otherwise great holiday! What a waste of time that was bowling on that pasture!
    • If only you'd known!

There is a sure fire method of never going through this again.

  • As more clubs use the SRPM and get ranked here at MVP Club 13 you will have a ready source of who has playable greens and who doesn't at your fingertips!
  • No more surprises... no more sore arms from heaving... just the facts!
Cobourg LBC ** Club 13 Member**
  • July 2016 - tested by Dan - average of two direction SRPM test was 15' 3.5", based on readings of 15'2" and 15'5"
  • Cobourg has their own SRPM and puts it to constant use to ensure their greens are at a speed that both club and tournament bowlers will enjoy!
    Well done, Cobourg LBC!
Comparative SRPM Numbers
  • The Berber carpet in our MVP Sports showroom is running at SRPM 27'10"... yes... very fast!
  • We tested Verdemat Short Mat and Carpet Bowls Mats at SRPM 26'4"... also very fast.
  • The carpet in our WNCC curling lounge (used for a Bowls Coaching Clinic in Spring/15) tested at SRPM 32'6"... whoa!... like grease lightning... and quite frankly way too fast!
  • Can you see the relevance of this accurate testing?
  • Ok... if you wanted to host a charity bowls tournament in a local hotel you could simply take your SRPM and do a quick SRPM measurement to determine the surface pace. You could then post the SRPM measurement on your flyer as one of the event features!
  • See... no surprises and everyone is happy knowing they are getting what they paid for!
The sad story of not using the SRPM
  • At a well known tournament back in 2016 we took an SRPM reading of the green on arrival... it was shocking!
  • First day readings were SRPM 9'6"... yes... under 10' and yes that equates to less than a 9 second green in the old days!
  • It is not surprising that this grande tournament was losing numbers rapidly.
  • They used to have very fast greens... and full draws.
    Sadly, not so any more!
  • The fastest the greens ever got that week were 12'8"... an unacceptable number in my books.

**NB: I warned them at the time that they were in grave danger of losing their greens, their members, and their club within two years if they kept on their current road.
Sadly, the club is now closed forever!