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Just a few more things to get your Great Deal!

Thank you for choosing one of our Great Deals. Many of the items are one-ups, meaning there might be only one of them available. As soon as a sale is confirmed we will endeavour to take it off the active Great Deals page. There will be times when two or more emails arrive for the same Great Deal. In those cases we will take the first confirmed order that we receive.

In some cases you may know that the Great Deal you have found is just that... a Great Deal, and you may wish to place an order immediately. In that case please completet the Order Now form for either Canada or the USA (obviously depends on where you live!). If you are willing to take a chance on someone else pipping you for the Great Deal and would like more information first then click on the respective More Info button.

When you click on the button you will be directed to a form that will either ask you for more contact and product order information etc. (Order Now) or another (More Info) that will ask you for considerably less information like Name, Postal/Zip and the items about which you would like more information.

In either case we don't ask for Credit Card info online. If you have opted for the Order Now route and have noted exactly which other items you may wish to add from our Product Catalog to your Great Deal, we will calculate your exact total including S/H and send you an invoice in either Square or Paypal format. You can then purchase your product using Visa, MC, Amex or Paypal from the security of your own computer.

Once again, thank you for choosing MVP Sports, and good luck in getting your Great Deal!


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