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MVP Sports:

  • is Canada's leading lawn bowls equipment distributor... and has been since 1985!
  • is the Sole Canadian Distributor for Taylor Bowls of Scotland... makers of the world's most popular bowl... the ACE! 
  • has Canada's largest supply of bowls and accessories (Taylor, of course)... throughout the year. Bowls and accessories when you need them!
  • is the Sole Canadian Distributor and Stockist for Dales Sports Surfaces, England... manufacturers of the world's popular Verdemat and Champion 30' carpet and 45' short mats.
  • is the inventor, developer and sole distributor for the world's best bowls delivery aid, the Ubi_Launcher®.
  • is leading the way in the bowls world, having assisted Ken Simpson with the development of the world's only accurate tool for testing green speeds, the SRPM. MVP Sports is also the sole distributor for this revolutionary tool.
  • is the home of The Delivery Doctor, Canada's top bowls coach and author of The Delivery Doctor video and eBook series on bowls.
  • carries a full line of curling equipment from Olson Curling.
  • distributes used golf equipment locally as well as does some golf equipment repair.

We look forward to helping you get the fit that you deserve!

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MVP Sports - Sole Canadian Distributor for Taylor Bowls, Scotland since 1985!
MVP Sports - Sole Canadian Distributor for Verdemat Portable Carpets, England.