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Category: Bowls
SKU: 137

The Lignoid has long been part of the Taylor family of bowls.

The Lignoid sports a wide draw, enabling back ends players the opportunity of drawing around heads where other bowls fail.

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Ask about this product

Taylor's widest drawing bowl

  • one I call the Star Trek Special
  • where you can draw where no man/woman has drawn before
  • and still have a chance of coming back!
  • A custom emblem can be ordered for an additional cost of $50.
  • Special orders can be placed with any of our annual orders.
    Currently the Taylor Lignoid is available only in Black - not currently a stock item so all sizes will be special order only.
  • We can enquire about the a custom order of Lignoid colour for you - special order!
  • Taylor Bowls are manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland - Simply The Best!

If you are ordering the Extreme Grip for your International set of bowls:

  • add your bowls to your Quote first
  • at the bottom of this page, in the Related Products section you will see Grip Options - Extreme Grip
  • click on that and add that you your quote as well - both should now be in your cart for quote purposes