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Label Packs

Category: Bowls Sundry
SKU: 444

The ones you've heard about that last more than one session!

Remember those labels you used to get that wore off after the evening dew, or a rain shower got to them?
Yeah, these aren't them.
These are Taylor Labels so they're the good ones!

Ask about this product

We have a limited number of labels avilable at this time, as the demand for them has dropped considerably since Taylor introduced colour bowls to the game a few decades ago!

  • Label packs come with four labels per pack.
  • Available in assortment of colours - check for availability at time of order.
  • Labels are also available by special order in quantities of rolls of 100 with no printing, or in quantities of 500 with printing on both the large rings and little circle.
  • Please enquire about colour or rolls/pricing using the 'comments' box in your cart.