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Received My Brand New Purple Viking Logo Taylor International Lawn Bowls and they are working out Nicely at BLBC Thanks to MVP Dan and all his hard work on this Bowl Order...
Yes breathing is something we all must do. However, a) When we are breathing are we actually doing it at the right time? b) Do we even know when we are breathing? b) More importantly are we breathing in a consistent manner? Let's look at a...
PBA CANADA has officially become recognized by the World governing body for indoor bowls. This past week at the WIBC meetings in Jersey, PBA CANADA was unanimously voted into membership. Going forward here in Canada, this means PBA CANADA is now the ...
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First of all you have to determine how important this role is... to a Bowls Club or Centre. Secondly, once you have agreed that the Club Manager is an essential service (and this shouldn't take long) you need to determine how and how much you are ...
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Chris Scullion just posted an interesting link in Club MVP (fb ed) regarding a small sport making it big. Check out this story on Ultimate Frisbee to see where they did things right. Then come on back here and start loading up this thread with ide...
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We obviously all have a bugaboo about at least one rule in any sport, whether it's regarding speed of play (bowls, curling golf) or in golf one of the many inane little rules that can cost you a penalty stroke. Most rules have been written to try and...
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E[b][/b]New Invitational Junior Triples Tournament .... Name: Trudy Milligan Invitational Junior U21 Triples Where: Cobourg Lawn Bowling Club When: Sunday, June 9th, 2013 Cost: $30.00 per team Format: 3 x 8 ends Start time: ...
FROM BCB WEBSITE: "Not A Member – Not To Worry! No worries at all, you can pay the local drop in fee and get out on the greens. All the equipment is stored inside the clubhouse and all you have to do is ask. Someone will be more than hap...
Best wishes to Kody Olthof and Sandie Laila Hassan who are representing PBA CANADA at the 2013 WIBC world indoor singles and mixed pairs championships in Jersey from Tuesday April 16th to Friday April 19th. Links to results can be found at http://www...
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PBA CANADA will be officially considered for inclusion as an associate member in the WIBC. Spring meetings for WIBC are being held in Jersey this coming Thursday. Inclusion in the official world governing body for indoor bowls will allow PBA Canada t...
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