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This is the bowl preferred by MVP Sports. The main reason is because this is the pace of green favoured by MVP Sports! Another reason however is because the ACE may have the most even arc of any bowl from any manufacturer on the market today.

At this time we have a supply of both MW and HW Black ACE in addition to several colour options.

The Limited Edition Canadiana (Red & White Speckle) are available with ProGrip or Plain. Check for size availability in Canadiana!


  • Item#: 131 Black, 131c Colour
  • Green Pace: medium to fast
  • Weight: HW
  • Grip: ProGrip
  • Colours: Black, Red Speckle, Canadiana Red/White, Red, Black/Red, Purple/Silver, Blue/Black/Silver, Flame, Camouflage, Plum, Vanilla Sky, Raspberry Ripple, Blue Mint
  • Availability: Stock
  • Price: Black $430 ~ Colour $495 to $525


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