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Not sure how many responses this will get, but i'd love to get some commentary about shot selection. Attached is a head that came up in a recent game. I thought it was an interesting example to bring up as the lead and the skip had differing view...
I was looking around for who the winners of the last two bowls raffles for the U25's were but I couldn't find them on the blog anywhere! Specifically, I'm talking about the draws for the 2011 and 2012 sets of bowls. Were the draws cancelled because t...
Hi Everybody I am a new member to the forum from Nova Scotia. I have been bowling for 3 years out of the Dartmouth Lawn Bowls Club just across the harbour from Halifax. In my 3 years of bowling, I have competed in two NS Junior Provincial Fi...
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Looks like the past season is pretty much done for everyone... at least for those without indoor or for those heading south. Now is a good time to think about how you are going to get in shape for next year. A great way to start is by making a list ...
sat. aug. 24. Cobourg Jr.'s are host to. A 4-3-2-1 Tournament sponsored by MVPSports. DDan & Brenda do not hesitate to step forward when a junior event is on the green. We Are just shy of 30 youngsters coming out to enjoy a day on the green and...
Hello, This coming weekend we have a junior tournament that is in need of entries. Heritage Greens LBC in Kitchener, Ontario 10:00am August 31st, 2013 Drawn Pairs BOTY points up for grabs We are accepting junior and U25 players for ...
I'm going to start posting some of the things I see and help bowlers with as they either come through our shop or as they ask via email. I think it's important to share these with other bowlers. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts but when y...
Hello, Often I search you tube/ the internet to find bowls videos. Often I find games or clips of games which are fun to watch, especially the high caliber players on carpet or fast greens. Recently I came across a coaching series on You Tube ...
I'm curious to know if anyone has ideas on drills to prepare yourself for slower greens?? As we all know Districts and Provincials are not always played on the best greens available. Even playing on greens in various provinces for other events ca...
MVP Sports is pleased to announce the release of a new Bowls delivery aid to the international bowls community. The Canadian developed and Canadian made Ubi_Launcher™ is a lightweight, durable and affordable device that will allow bowlers with bad...
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