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  1. Darryl Fitzgerald
  2. Coaching Discussion
  3. Tuesday, July 08 2014, 02:06 PM
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Not sure how many responses this will get, but i'd love to get some commentary about shot selection.

Attached is a head that came up in a recent game. I thought it was an interesting example to bring up as the lead and the skip had differing views of what needed to be played despite the fact they both agreed on what the opposing skip would do.

In the attached example, you are playing as the blue team. You are tied with red in the game with 5 ends to go. It's been a back and forth game, no real edge to either team. Both Lead and skip agree the opposition will play up and through the head to either remove shot bowl or trail the jack back. Blue holds shot, Red holds second and it is a measure for 3rd/4th. Red skip holds the hammer. You delivered your first as the shortest bowl on the right side. Red Skip delivered his first bowl right through the head end up on the far left behind the head, missing the jack and bowl. Red bowls are roughly three feet behind and blue one at the very back is 6 feet. Bowls in front range from 2 feet to 3 feet short.

What would you do? Play defensive or play offensive? Block the draw/overdraw or try to make the shot first and move the blow/jack to another location?

Both you and your lead agree red will continue to throw right through the head.

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