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The Grip

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  1. Dan
  2. Bowls Instruction Help
  3. Wednesday, August 28 2013, 07:32 AM
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I'm going to start posting some of the things I see and help bowlers with as they either come through our shop or as they ask via email. I think it's important to share these with other bowlers. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts but when you see a response from "pondball" it is one and the same as "The Delivery Doctor".

I've been pleased with the number of hits so far to my first coaching video in the delivery series. Vid #1 was The Grip and featured a method we have been using since 1994 in Hamilton at the Canadian Championships. At that time a young bowler from the Maritimes was struggling with his games, rarely reaching the top end of single digits in his singles games. We were doing video coaching sessions in the Roselawn "bullpen", getting bowlers to play 8 bowls... 2 forehand draws, 2 backhand draws, 2 forehand drives, 2 backhand drives... and that's about all that we required to be able to pinpoint one thing for the bowler to take home and work on... in this lad's instance we noticed that a lot of his lack of accuracy came from a rather contorted grip.... and thus the advent of the method we now use and demonstrate in "The Grip" video.

It is a natural grip. There is no stress with this grip. It allows for a complete and timely release of the bowl. It allows for a smoother release of the bowl. It negates the need for any monster backswing and lends itself to learning the next stages of the delivery after the Setup/Stance... namely the Backswing (or lack thereof) and the Follow Through.

These are the next three topics in the video series and I hope to have them up and running very soon. As soon as they are ready I'll post them on our website and then some additional observations I have had with the bowlers I have coached over the years.
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Oh yeah... forgot to mention.. it took a few attempts but we finally got the young bowler to change their grip to our more relaxed one... and low and behold they were able to reach double digits in their games!

We had asked why he was gripping the bowl in that fashion and his response had been that he had been taught to do it that way by one of the best bowlers in his club... no doubt a crafty old wiser! He had told the young chap that "he could do things with a bowl with that grip!"

We suggested he probably could, but rolling it smoothly wasn't going to be one of them... and that a smooth bowl is a bowl delivered with potential for consistent results.

I'm not sure what he's using these days or if he's even bowling, but I sure hope he hasn't gone back to that contortion he was using before!
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