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The Ubi_Launcher™ goes public!

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  1. Dan
  2. Lawn Bowls
  3. Thursday, July 18 2013, 07:13 AM
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MVP Sports is pleased to announce the release of a new Bowls delivery aid to the international bowls community.

The Canadian developed and Canadian made Ubi_Launcher™ is a lightweight, durable and affordable device that will allow bowlers with bad backs, bad hips, bad knees and even arthritis to enjoy the wonderful game of Bowls again... or to start for the first time!

The handle is adjustable so it will fit a greater range of heights of bowlers than the more static length other devices like the far more expensive bowling arms. Unlike the bowling arms, the Ubi_Launcher™ requires very little grip, hand or arm strength.

The Ubi_Launcher™ is well suited for bowls of all sizes including the smaller carpet bowls, and can be used indoors or out. It has been designed to be used with jacks as well!

With the Ubi_Launcher™ it is a simple "Set & Deliver" and the bowl is on it's way!

The Ubi_Launcher™ will retail at $80+S/H in Canada starting August 15th. MVP Sports is accepting Pre-Production orders for the Ubi_Launcher™ at only $70+S/H up until August 15th.

Revitalize your bowls club... order your Ubi_Launcher™ today!
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We've got to admit we are elated at the early response to our new Ubi_Launcher™. It's barely been two weeks since we released our delivery aid on the internet and we haven't had a day go by when we haven't fielded at least a single order for one.

One of the best stories to date comes from the Maritimes from a chap who phoned up to let us know that he had given up golf 3 years ago and bowls last year because of the pain in his back. He had a call early last week from a friend who had ordered one of our Ubi_Launchers™ and had immediately phoned his friend to get him to come down to his old club. He tried it... he liked it... he ordered it... and now he owns his own! Apparently prior to this he could not play 4 ends with suffering back pain... the other night he played considerably longer and suffered nary a bit!

To follow up on that story we had another call from the same Maritime province from a gentleman who said they had seen a pusher stick in use (U-L #2 from the first story) today and that his wife had given up bowls a few years back. The man with the stick had offered to let them try it on the spot. She tried it... she liked it... and now she has ordered one too... going out in tomorrow's shipment.

We can't tell you how happy we are to be bringing bowlers back into our great game again. :) :) :)
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